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Mildred Bailey Sunday, Monday Or Always Jazz Edition (4 CD) Серия: Quadromania инфо 4066v.

Диски упакованы в Jewel Case и вложены в картонную коробку Содержание CD1: Mildred Bailey Sunday, Monday Or Always 1 When Days Is Done 2 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 3 Rockin' Chair 4бчдьд Thanks For The Memory 5 Rock It For Me 6 Daydreaming 7 Cigarette & A Silhouette 8 You Leave Me Breathless 9 Savin' Myself For You 10 Put Your Heart In A Song 11 Wigwammin' 12 Sunny Side Of Things 13 How Can I Thank You? 14 веьюцGarden Of The Moon 15 Now It Can Be Told 16 Jumps Jumps Here 17 I Haven't Changed A Thing 18 Love Is Where You Find It 19 I Used To Be Colour Blind 20 A-Tisket, A-Tasket 21 This Is Madness 22 Who Blew Out The Flame 23 St Louis Blues 24 Have You Forgotten So Soon? CD2: Mildred Bailey Sunday, Monday Or Always 1 Tain't What You Do 2 Barrelhouse Music 3 Arkansas Blues 4 There'll Be Some Changes Made 5 A Ghost Of A Chanceвпуэу 6 Darn That Dream 7 Peace, Brother! 8 Fools Rush In 9 From Another 10 I'm Nobody's Baby 11 Give Me Tie 12 How Can I Ever Be Alone 13 Tennessee Fish Fry 14 I'll Pray For You 15 Blue 16 When That Man Is Dead And Gome 17 Jenny 18 Georgia On My Mind 19 Rockin' Chair 20 Sometimes I'm Happy 21 I'm Afraind Of Myself 22 Everything Depends On You CD3: Mildred Bailey Sunday, Monday Or Always 1 Love, Come Back To Me 2 All Too Soon 3 It's So Peaceful In The Country 4 Sometimes 5 Wherever You Are 6 I Think Of You 7 More Than You Know 8 Rockin' Chair 9 Sunday, Monday Of Always 10 Scrap You Fat 11 More Than You Know 12 Someday, Sweetheart 13 Hold On 14 Evaline 15 It Had To Be You 16 I Never Knew 17 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gome 18 I Didn't Know About You 19 I'll Get By 20 St Louis Blues 21 Love Come Back To Me 22 Thвтццфese Foolish Things CD4: Mildred Bailey Sunday, Monday Or Always 1 Can't Help Lovin' That Man 2 Summertime 3 All That Glitters Is Not Gold 4 In Love In Vain 5 It's A Woman Prerogative 6 Penthouse Serenade 7 I'll Close My Eyes 8 Ma And The Blues 9 At Sundown 10 Love, Come Back To Me 11 All Of Me 12 Almost Like Being In Love 13 Heather On The Hills 14 You Started Something 15 Born To Be Blue 16 Can't We Be Friends 17 Don't Worry 'Bout Strangers 18 Gone On That Guy 19 That Ain't Right 20 I Don't Want To Miss Mississippi 21 I'll Close My Eyes 22 That Ain't Right 23 Love, Come Back To Me Исполнитель Милдред Бейли Mildred Bailey.

Цена: 646 р.